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Health and wellness can be achieved in many ways, including using creativity to work the mind and body. Research has shown that mental activity stimulated by arts activities can be especially beneficial to people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Cases of cognitive disabilities increase with age, so as the population lives longer more people will be diagnosed. By bringing arts programs to people with cognitive disabilities, you can create more opportunities for people with cognitive loss and their caregivers. In this section you'll find information about Health and Wellness programming, research, events, news and more.

Security and comfort are common human goals. And yet neuroscience reveals that living life in the same way every day, as comfortably and securely as possible, can increase cognitive impairment as we age.

At 96 years young, Ms. Young's passions are many.  She is an environmentalist and a lover of nature, but most of all, she is a builder of peace.

Do you view aging as an opportunity to do something extraordinarily beautiful with your mind? Are you 55 years or older? Do you know someone who meets these criteria?

Shirley Joel produces something akin to Discovery Channel's Myth Busters on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), a public television channel.  But where Myth Busters tests obscure urban legends, the Active Aging series debunks commonly held beliefs, such as 'all older people are si

It may not be traditional for an artist to start her career at the age of 40, but Flo Oy Wong is anything but a traditional artist.  She is a storyteller, a historian, and anthropologist, and she chooses to express herself with everything from rice sacks to suitcases. 

It may not be traditional for an artist to start her career at the age of 40, but Flo Oy Wong is

Mary Anne O'Neill is the typical grandmother of the 21st century.

Naseem Miller recently finished a wonderful documentary, "Beyond Bingo," about the ways art programs can improve the quality of life of older adults providing them with sense of mastery, a reduction of stress, a way to socialize while also increasing brain fitness. The video features Dr.

For every Baby Boomer who knows what comes next after, “Here we come, walkin’ down the street…” there is a member of the World War II generation to whom, “I’ll Be Seeing You” reminds them of empty days and nights waiting for a loved one.

NCCA had the amazing opportunity through a wonderful partnership with Martek Biosciences to roll out a national campaign called Beautiful Minds focusing on inspiring older adults to take action in improving their brain

We are Richard and Alice Matzkin, a loving husband and wife age 67 and 70. As we entered middle age, we became disturbed by the increasing signs of aging we were experiencing – wrinkles, bulges, grey hair, etc.

A collaboration between the Longy School of Music and the United South End Settlements has resulted in a singing class geared toward older adults.  While most participants use the class as a social outlet and creative expression, 63-year-old Dory Tobias is using the class to help improve her spe

Doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, are studying the profound effect music has on people who have had a stroke using Melodic Intonation Therapy, which plays singing tones with the patient and having them repeat words and phrases to the sound of the tones.  T

Caregivers are often searching for creative ways to connect with their loved ones that have Alzheimer’s.  Tandridge Heights, a senior care center, incorporates a ‘Memory Lane’ unit, a place full of vintage pieces including old handbags, a typewriter, posters of famous actors and actresses includ

The 2009 Arts in Healthcare report conducted in part by the American Hospital Association, Johns Hopkins University and the National Institute on Aging, found that, “research findings indicate that the arts can play a significant role in humanizing healthcare for individuals, families and health

David Brooks describes the increasing benefits of aging by debunking commonly believed myths.  Brooks described the older adult’s brain as one that can continue to create new connections and neurons throughout life.  He references studies that describe aging as a period of development where gend

This article was written by NCCA member, Susan Swanson, M.A., ATR
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As our population ages, older adults are being diagnosed with Alzheimer's and other cognitive disabilities at an increasing rate.

Many reporters wrote beautiful articles about the life and work of Dr. Gene D. Cohen.  Find them below. 

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Healthcare facilities across the world are recognizing the healing powers of art.  Fay Wilkinson, an artist who works in Creative Cocoon Art Studio, explained that a U.K.