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Health and wellness can be achieved in many ways, including using creativity to work the mind and body. Research has shown that mental activity stimulated by arts activities can be especially beneficial to people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Cases of cognitive disabilities increase with age, so as the population lives longer more people will be diagnosed. By bringing arts programs to people with cognitive disabilities, you can create more opportunities for people with cognitive loss and their caregivers. In this section you'll find information about Health and Wellness programming, research, events, news and more.

After Anthony Smith, 85, was hit by a van, you would think he might be more cautious. Instead, he switched from crossing streets to crossing the Atlantic, using the compensation from the accident to pay for a four-man raft voyage.

If you want to improve your longevity, how much you whine may be as equally important as how often you enjoy wine. Dr.

Work, which so many people believe will be the death of them, may actually sustain us late into life. Dr. Thomas Perls of Boston University believes everyone has the potential to live to 90; it is just a matter of maintaining our cognitive function.

Dr. Howard S. Friedman and Dr. Leslie Martin have recently published their aptly named book, Longevity Project, perhaps named both for its subject matter (identifying traits that lead to longer lives) and the length of the study (over 80 years).

Since founding the Centenarian Awareness Project in 1989, Lynn Peters Adler has met enough of the 72,000 American centenarians to form a decent sample pool, and she has formed some opinions on what leads to longevity.

Frank Fein, director of senior adult ministries and educational services at The Baptist Home, laments the negative connotation old age has developed in society despite signs to the contrary being abundant.

Chao Mu-ho embodies lifelong learning. Born in China, he attained his first degree during the Chinese Civil War, attained his next one decades later at the age of 91 and then got his masters at the age of 98. Now 100, Chao isn’t done yet.

Ida Stonda Brunatti has been alive 100 years, not that she has had time to keep track of the passage of time between being a professional accordion player, a scout leader, a blue-ribbon gardener, an oil painter, a charter member of the Italian-American Civic League, a member in the St.

Cognitive neuroscientist Ellen Bialystok has uncovered that speaking two or more languages increases aging adults' cognitive function and helps people with Alzheimer's disease deal with the symptoms better.  Explaining the science behind it, Bialystok described how bilinguals' brains constantly

Volunteerism has been recommended as a great way for older adults to stay engaged.  Betty Groves says that "volunteering is the rent we pay" for a long life.   If that is true, you would be correct in assuming this 97-year-old does a lot of volunteering: every Saturday afternoon she can be found

Having been denied a chance to join a premier dance company by the forces of segregation during the first half of her life, Therrell Camille Smith has made up time by becoming a premier dance teacher in her second half of life.  She has enjoyed sharing dancing with thousands of students, and say

A new study by investigators at USC's Occupational Therapy department has found that preventive measure can be taken to lessen ill-health and depression in older adults.  "What is critical is that, as we age, we continue to be engaged in life through a sustainable mix of productive, social, phys

Jack "The Godfather of Fitness" LaLanne's beliefs on the factors of longevity were backed up by the New England Centenary Study in 2009, but he earned his nickname many years earlier.  Besides the vigorous exercise routines that this former Strength and Fitness cover boy recommended, he also emp

Ted Lewis knows the conventional wisdom that exercise leads to better physical health, but he chose an unconventional form at an unconventional age: he took up roller-skating at the age of 68, and recently skated to his 90th birthday party.  This World War II veteran skates well; he recently qua

Ethel Marks, 84, will be making her fourth bicycle tour through Europe, this time on a tandem bicycle with son Steve.  They began the tradition with a ride through southern Europe on separate bikes.

Family reunions are good for you, perhaps barring the potato salad.  Linda Shrager, an online health columnist, draws from Dr.

Diane Nyad, 61, will be swimming the same trip that she failed to do when she was 28, and she’s never been more confident.

Sandra Place, administrator of the Jackson County Medical Care Facility, recently answered some questions about memory loss.  In response to a question about how to smoothly interact with someone with memory loss, Place recommended always using proper nouns in the place of pronouns, focus on bod

The Korean population is aging in large part because people are living much longer, news that is getting mixed reviews from said population.  According to the Korea Institute for Health and Social Issues, less than one third of Koreans would like to live past 90, and 43 percent feel longevity is