Kairos Dance Hall

Arts Experience
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Kairos Alive!
Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 11:30am
Minneapolis, MN

Kairos Alive’s Dance Hall is a living history performance featuring the stories, music and dance traditions from dance halls, barn dances and celebrations that have shaped our multi-cultural communities in Minnesota. The Dance Hall recalls former times where the nuances of life were discovered and savored, courtships started or deepened, and stories, tunes and dances were shared.

Melding performance and content sourced from the audience, Kairos Alive integrates the “audience” into participatory moments with other dancers, actors and musicians. Kairos Alive artists and local musicians create a unique participatory performing arts experience for all ages, from 1 to 101 years.

Contact Kairos Alive! at 612-926-5454 for more information.