Music Therapy

Organization Associated with Program
New Jersey School of Music
10 Union Street
Medford, New Jersey 08055

Music Therapy sessions are available with a Board Certified Music Therapist who has over six years of experience working with older adults, including those with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Participants need no prior musical experience. During sessions, older adults will enjoy live music of their preferred era/style which can help promote reminiscence of important life events. They are invited to play simple rhythm instruments and sing along if desired. Trivia related to music and simple music games are offered to promote cognitive stimulation. Caregivers are welcome to accompany the older adult in session. Home visits are also available upon request.

Program History

New Jersey School of Music was opened in 1958. Located in historic downtown Medford, it has served thousands by providing music lessons. As music therapy has been increasingly recognized as an important intervention, a music therapist has been on staff for over 10 years as well. A second location was added in Cherry Hill in 2009, also with a music therapist on staff. With the number of older adults increasing in the country, there is a need to promote awareness of this valuable resource to this population.

Program Assessments and Evaluations

These programs are continuously evaluated and adapted to the needs of the individual by means of attendance numbers. Evaluations are conducted by the staff who observes an individual’s response during music therapy as it is important in shaping future sessions.

Kinds of creative engagement/ program focus
Arts Discipline: Music
Target Audience: Caregivers - Family, Frail Older Adults, People with Alzheimer's Disease / Dementia
Adaptive Program Design Hearing Disabilities, Visual Disabilities, Cognitive Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Psychiatric Disabilities
Program Setting: Education (e.g. School / University), Healthcare - Home Care
Program Service Area: Suburban
Type of Practice: Field Tested Best Practice