Arts programs are essential in a community to help older adults get involved and remain an important part of their communities. Community based arts programming helps older people as the keepers of culture remain dynamic members of society and provides younger generations with positive role models encouraging a strong sense of meaning and purpose in healthy living in vital communities. In this section you will find all the information on our website including news, events, stories, research and more pertaining to community arts programming.

The Creative Aging in Our Communities: The Westchester Libraries Project is currently taking applications for their program.

The National Conference on Positive Aging will be held on December 7-9 at Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, Florida.

Pat Howe of La Plata, MD, had to undergo open skull surgery after having a brain aneurysm.

NCCA has joined facebook!

Storytelling is a magnificant way to bring older adults and youth together to share a creative activity. Older adults are the keepers of culture, essential in relaying the past and sharing experiences with younger generations.

The arts and aging field is ever expanding with new research and programs proving the importance of creativity later in life.

POSITIVELY NINETY: Interviews with Lively Nonagenarians

There will be a national conference in the United Kingdom on July 9 & 10, 2009 to celebrate older people dancing.

It’s everywhere. People are struggling and businesses are closing. Assumed to be the longest recession since World War II, the economy has faltered and sent tremors rippling down Wall Street, along Main Street and near you.

They did not plan to be rich or famous. After all, they both had long, quiet careers in the government.