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Intergenerational Community Chorus and New Horizons Band
Program Summary

The Levine School of Music hosts an Intergenerational Community Chorus. Started in 2005, the chorus currently has 35-40 members and meets once a week throughout the academic year. The chorus performs four to five times a year at the Levine School of Music’s northwest Washington, D.C. campus.

Levine also hosts a variety of music programs for older adults including the New Horizons Band for Beginners and Rusty Musicians which adults who have less experience playing a musical instrument are encouraged to join, as it offers weekly classes to prepare them for the more advanced New Horizons Band. The New Horizons Band is an ensemble designed for adults who enjoy playing music. The group meets each week and includes group instrumental lessons and full band rehearsals as well as performance opportunities throughout the year. Levine also hosts MusicaliTea, an outreach program that invites residents of area retirement communities to attend performances by Levine students and faculty.

Along with the Intergenerational Community Chorus and New Horizons Band, Levine offers a chamber orchestra, chamber music coaching sessions and workshops, and private lessons in all the major instruments and voice.

Program Background and History

The Levine School of Music, founded in 1976 in memory of musician and prominent Washington attorney Selma M. Levine, is the Washington metropolitan region’s preeminent center for music education. Levine is a welcoming community where children and adults find lifelong inspiration and joy through learning, performing, listening to, and participating with others in music. Levine’s two core values of excellence and opportunity infuse every program that the organization conducts. The distinguished faculty offers a broad and well-rounded curriculum that provides a strong musical foundation for students of different ages, abilities, and interests. Levine strives to make education available to everyone regardless of financial need; hundreds of its students receive substantial scholarship assistance, and many hundreds more benefit from free instruction through outreach programs. The organization has grown into four campuses serving Northwest Washington (main campus), Southwest Washington, Arlington, Virginia, and Bethesda, Maryland.

Program-Specific Research and Key Findings

The study conducted by Dr. Gene Cohen, “The Impact of Professionally Conducted Cultural Programs on Older Adults,” found true health promotion and disease prevention effects for older adults who were actively engaged in professionally conducted arts learning programs such as chorale and music education, and a choral program, Encore Chorale, served as one of the key research sites for the study.

Program-Specific Assessment and Evaluation

Programs are evaluated on an ongoing basis through the use of attendance and retention numbers as well as informal interviews and short surveys.

Advice for Other Organizations Conducting Similar Programs

Make your organization not just a place where there are things people can do, but a real community.

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The Levine School of Music Intergenerational Chorus

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