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Art Lab conducts intergenerational arts programs for the Staten Island, New York community, with the highest concentration of older participants attending during the morning and afternoon hours. Classes meet once each week for eight to ten weeks, and each class is typically between two and three hours long. Art Lab offers four semesters of classes and workshops throughout the year, with the winter, spring, and fall semesters running for ten weeks, while the summer semester lasts eight weeks. Art Lab teaches classes in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, applied arts, and photography. These classes provide art instruction and appreciation for students of all ages, beginning to advanced levels. Instruction is available in a variety of art techniques within these categories, such as classes on the use of ink and colored pencils in drawing, watercolors and Chinese brush painting in painting, and mosaic and jewelry making in applied arts. Art Lab is a valued member of New York's arts and educational community, and its classes are a vital part of the cultural life of Staten Island.

Program Background and History

Art Lab is a grassroots, non-profit art school located on the property of Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Founded in 1975, Art Lab’s mission is to provide Staten Island with the best possible, most professional fine and applied arts programming through art exhibition, classes, workshops, and special events. The school was founded by a group of professional artists who wanted to give Staten Island a facility where quality art instruction, exhibitions, and events could take place. Today, Art Lab continues this tradition in providing exceptional art opportunities to Staten Island and the greater metropolitan community. Art Lab also offers artists exhibition space in the Art Lab Gallery. Art Lab is dedicated to providing opportunities for exhibitions of the work of students, faculty, emerging artists, established artists, and community groups.
Art Lab’s established goals are: 1) to enable artists to refine the skills necessary for art-related careers, 2) to assist non-professional artists of all ages to develop their talents to the highest levels of skill and enjoyment, 3) to help young adults bridge the transition from secondary school to professional standing, 4) to develop scholarship programs to ensure that students may nurture and use their talents regardless of economic limitations, and 5) to collaborate with other cultural and educational organizations in programming that will expand Art Lab’s ability to serve the multi-cultural community while maintaining the integrity of its overall objectives.

Program-Specific Research and Key Findings
Program-Specific Assessment and Evaluation

Programs are evaluated on an ongoing basis using surveys, interviews, attendance numbers, and occasional press reviews. Evaluations are conducted by staff, and programs have been evaluated by independent evaluators.

Advice for Other Organizations Conducting Similar Programs

Keep your ears and eyes open and be accessible to your consumers.

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