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Program Title
Artist Outreach Project
Program Summary

The Artist Outreach Project gives experienced, older artists a chance to share their passion and expertise with people who might not otherwise have opportunities to enjoy the benefits of quality arts programs. Through the project, the Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation awards grants to accomplished visual, performing, and literary artists 55 and older. These grants are intended to support the artists' efforts to give back to their community. Artists awarded the grant work with an underserved group served by a non-profit organization of their choice, sharing their talent in arts-based services that are both educational and therapeutic. Artists contribute six hours a week for one year and generally design programs that take place two times a week for three hours or three times a week for two hours. The number of people served varies depending on the nature of the program designed by each artist.

Participants are artists who design and implement therapeutic or educational arts programs for underserved groups. Many teach at long-term care facilities or adult day centers. Artists are encouraged to use their own experience, talent, and interests. Artist participants meet three or four times during the year to discuss their experiences, learn from one another, get support, and gain assistance in sustaining their projects after the grant year has ended.

Program Background and History

The Artist Outreach Project began in 2007 after the Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation became aware of the tremendous talent artists have to give back to their communities and their great desire to do so.

Program-Specific Research and Key Findings

The Foundation conducts one evaluation the end of each program through the use of interviews and individual assessment. Below are some findings of the evaluations.

  • 100% of nonprofits reported the senior artist provided an important and unique therapeutic, educational, or meaningful opportunity for the people served by the organization;
  • 96% of nonprofits reported their organization was previously unable to provide an experience to their clients like the one provided by the senior artist;
  • 100% of the artists reported their projects provided an important and unique therapeutic, educational or meaningful opportunity for the people they served;
  • 97% reported that the Artist Outreach Project created an opportunity for the artist to pass along years of knowledge and experience in a way they would not have previously been able to pursue on their own;
  • 93% of the senior artists reported that they plan to pursue work similar to their Artist Outreach Project after the end of the grant.
Program-Specific Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluations are conducted by senior artists as well as partnering site staff. Visit the Foundation website to see a full report of their evaluations. 

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Kinds of Creative Engagement/Program Focus
Creation of Original Work, Presenting a Performance, Attending a Performance, Participate in a Class, Participate in a Workshop, Participate in a Residency, Watch a Lecture/Demonstration
Kinds of Creative Engagement/Program Focus Other
Interdisciplinary Connections
Civic Engagement, Education, Volunteerism
Creative engagement
Target Audience
Active Adults, Caregivers - Family, Caregivers - Professional, Frail Older Adults, Intergenerational
Adaptive Program Design
Adaptive Program Design Other
Program Setting
Adult Day Care, Aging Organization (e.g. Senior Center), Arts Organization, Community Center, Education (e.g. School / University), Healthcare - Acute Care (e.g. Clinic / Hospital), Healthcare - Palliative Care / Hospice, Library, Park or Botanical Garden, Social Service Agency, Sports, Recreation or Health Club (e.g. YMCA/YWCA)
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Rural, Suburban, Urban
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