Welcome to a Flourishing 2017!

The National Center for Creative Aging continues to support and strengthen our shared work and mission through key capacity-building, education, and advocacy partnerships and initiatives in the field of creative aging. Whether an individual, organization, or partner you can align with the NCCA network to leverage your work, wisdom, and voice as we transform the face of aging across the nation and around the globe.
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To allow NCCA networks to most fully participate in the

2017 IAGG World Congress Of Gerontology And Geriatrics

convening 23-27 JUL 2017 in San Francsico, CA

the National Center for Creative Aging WILL NOT be convening
a 2017 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference. 

The 2017 IAGG World Congress provides a remarkable opportunity to connect with more than 6,000 global professionals representing all facets of aging. The National Center for Creative Aging's collaboration with Gerontological Society of America (GSA) aligns NCCA networks and members with the benefits of IAGG Early Bird Registration and negotiated room rates for your stay in San Francisco.
All 2017 IAGG World Congress attendees will be able to explore the  AGE STAGE-a dynamic GSA and NCCA creative aging learning collaboration featuring more than 35 creative aging presentations from around the globe alongside special creative aging events woven throughout the week.  These "first-of-a-kind" events for the World Congress enable participants to explore, experience, and weave creative aging innovation, programming, and model practice into their work around the globe! 

Congratulations to the following NCCA network organizations and members whose proposals submitted this past fall were selected by the GSA/NCCA curating team for the inaugural IAGG AGE STAGE:

ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center
Arts & AGEing KC
Arts for the Aging (AFTA)/Quicksilver
Bayview Senior Services
Frye Art Museum
Light Years Film
Songwriting Works

The University of Utah College of Nursing


NEXT STEPS for 2017:

Take advantage of IAGG EARLY BIRD Registration until 13 APRIL 2017. 

VISIT 2017 IAGG World Congress Of Gerontology And Geriatrics to REGISTER NOW at Early Bird Rates and explore the schedule, travel details, and available accommodation discounts. See you in San Francisco!

STAY TUNED for upcoming NCCA announcements about the
2018 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference!